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Climate : Oscillations between 20 and 25 ° C (August-February) in inland areas. On

the coast, average temperatures rise by about 5 degrees. The climate is warmer and

dry in western and northern parts. The season corresponds to the temperate months of April, June, September and November.


Health Regulation : The island of Mauritius is one of the safest destinations for travellers. A known internationally for the excellent quality of health care facilities and the lack of endemic diseases. No vaccination is required for travellers coming from Italy. Mauritius is an island that boasts a tropical vegetation, so it is recommended to take precautions, such as the use of normal repellent, to protect the puncture of insects.


Formalities Customers : Exempted from customs: clothing and personal effects used (to be re departures). 250 grams of tobacco, 1.5 litres of water colony, 2 litre of wine or beer and 1 litre of drinks superalcooliche. Firearms and ammunition must be reported upon arrival.

To import live animals and plants, obtain a license dall'Ufficiale Chief Veterinary Officer (Ministry of Agriculture). Dogs and cats must undergo six months quarantine from the date of arrival.


Currency : The local currency is the Mauritian Rupee (Rs) whose return is equal to Euro 0,030 divided into 100 cents (cs). 1 euro is equal to about 33 Mauritian rupees. Cards are accepted circuits of the following: American Express, Diners, MasterCard

and Visa. Branches in major ATM locations. No restriction is imposed on the import

of foreign currency, bankers, letters of credit, chèque travel.

Credit Cards : Accepted cards circuits of the following: American Express, Diners, MasterCard and Visa.

Time Zone : The island of Mauritius is ahead of 3 hours compared to Italy, 2 during summer time.

Language : English. The language better understood and spoken after Creole, is French. Among the Oriental languages has increased the spread hindi.


Electricity : The voltage of 220V. E 'convenient obtain adapter that allows you to use taken two or three pins.


Fixed and Mobile Phone : The telephone network is modern, and allows you to make direct international calls (IDD) from each unit and public and private sectors. The numbering is local to seven digits, and there are no prefixes district. The international dialling code is +230. To call Italy from Mauritius before the 0039 should be the number, including identification of locations preceded by 0.  And possible use of international roaming service for GSM mobile operator with any English. Across the island receiving the signal is optimal.


Clothes that make : Garments light sports and beach. And 'good leaders to provide more formal for visits outside the seaside resorts (especially to places of worship), something elegant to enter certain restaurants and bars, and clothing suitable for those who want to make excursions. In the winter months (from June to September) is advisable to provide for a wool garment for the evenings.




Airports : International Airport Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, Plaisance (Code: MRU), situated at 3 km from Mahebourg and 45 km from Port Louis. Boutique "duty free", bars, banks, post office.

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