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  • Car hire:  Around  the isle  Driving all around the Island Nivas Ltd offers a fleet of cars to his customers at a competitive daily fee without initial deposit.


  • Meet and Greet at airport:  At your arrival, Nivas Ltd organizes the transfer from and to the airport. No problem, once you land, Nivas Ltd takes care of you.


  • Telephone: No problem of  roaming .For those who want to be always in contact with the Island, Nivas Ltd provides you with a mobile  phone together with a sim card ready for use. In addition, there is a directory of all contacts in Mauritius with the mobile phone.


  • Baby Sitting: Freedom all night and day. Nivas Ltd offer a baby sitting service under request. Either during the day when you have to enjoy sport activities or at night for an euphoric dance or a dinner, Nivas Ltd  is always  ready to assist.



  • Cooking Service: Enjoy local food at home. Nivas Ltd offers a maid for cooking services under request.


  • Excursions : Cast a glance to have a better idea  of what Nivas Ltd propose



  • Sport Activities: Sweat and enjoy your holidays click here to see all the sport activities, Nivas Ltd is offering to you at competitive prices.



  • Guides: Need a driver or a guide for you trips, Nivas Ltd has the right person  for you .They will advise and personalize your holidays according to your wishes.



  • Assistance 24/24: Nivas Ltd is always here, night and day, whenever you need, either for shopping to have a better deal or to know your exact position and for  an eventual dinner in a nearby restaurant .

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